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Cloud Services

Cloud is easy to start, grow and manage. It comes in all shapes and sizes.
Algol Semantics entitles organizations to revamp their businesses – by expediting digital technology such as social media, mobility, and analytics; empower deft business stages; and shorten time-to-market sector. Cloud is the foundation of a future-prepared endeavor.
Our cloud services deliver exceptionally accessible, boundlessly adaptable applications and APIs, automatically measure the demands to meet and spare cash and, examine and evaluate your applications before deploying them.

Cloud Computing:

Algol Semantics provides the cloud computing services according to the different service models like Infrastructure as a services model (IaaS), Platform as a service model (PaaS) and Software as a service model (SaaS). Out of which SaaS model provides the best IT operational cost reduction. Algol Semantics serves you to have flexible, scalable, secure, efficient, and accessible hub that runs your enterprise.

Cloud Storage:

Cloud storage is the logical pool which contains the wide range of digital data with physical pool of multiple servers and locations governed and controlled by its own. It should allow the data to be accessed and modified at any time. Algol Semantics provides cloud storage solutions which are easier for your employees to work more efficiently, securely, potentially and more flexible than ever before.

Cloud Integration:

Cloud integration is the procedure that assists you in setting up numerous application programs to stake information in the cloud. In a system that comprehends cloud integration, distinct applications impart either straightforwardly or third-party application. ALGOL Semantics offers techniques, reusable segments, and best practices to assist you with some planning, strategies, and execution of cloud mix techniques.

Cloud Consulting:

Algol Semantics’ cloud consulting services offer you a chance to diminish operational costs, encourage innovation, open doors to new opportunities, and understand your vital IT goals actively, or it could simply be your device to recapture your lost business focus.

Cloud Management:

Algol Semantics’ cloud management services assist associations to accomplish more prominent operational deftness, better IT control and rigid integration of components across the endeavor. We also deal with a variety of platforms from a solitary console, personalize cloud management services to address your business needs and empower high-precision analysis to design a fully configured cloud.

Cloud Readiness:

By attaining a comprehensive consideration of your organization’s readiness for a move to the cloud, you’ll better comprehend, distinguish and address any area of concern and cultivate a litigable cloud roadmap for the future. Algol Semantics cloud readiness services assist organizations and business to adopt cloud technology in a systematic way.

Cloud Migration:

Cloud Migration services facilitate you to proceed towards the cloud flawlessly whether you are migrating intricate and critical applications or cultivating a new application from scratch. Algol Semantics cloud migration services are intended to drive adaptability and effectiveness to offer a safe and smooth migration.

Cloud SMB:

Small and Mid-size businesses are creating customize practices and correlative managed services to overcome the SMB market. With Algol Semantics Cloud SMB, the organization will be able to modernize their solution to empower their business, connect with customers, grow efficiently and safeguard your business from threats.

A smarter customer experience

ToM is a pioneering support interaction optimization application designed to create a better support experience for customers with:

  • User-friendly design to suit each and every app user
  • Actionable assistance at every step of customer experience
  • Smarter content that is engaging and helpful
  • Click-to-Call feature for anytime, anywhere support
  • Customizable features for easy access

ToM can play a vital role in making your technical support experience smarter and efficient. Its available to download for smartphones, tablets as well as its designed for different operating systems.

IoT – Get Smart & Secured with IoT

According to Computer Science Zone, the Internet of Things – IoT, is expected to grow to 25 billion connected devices in the next five years, predicting almost one for every man, woman and child on the plant.

The transformation is happening all around us as workplace operators hold the two key elements required – object (things) and connectivity (internet).

Besides the automation & easiness IoT brings to our tech world, it also poses challenges when it comes to security as each connected device might add to potential threat.

This is where Algol Semantics plays a vital role and is ready to make its clients smart & secured by offering the support and service required to undergo a radical transformation in the world of smart technology.

Premium Tech Support Solutions

It’s for All – Consumers & Businesses

Algol’s premium tech support solutions are designed keeping our client requirements under consideration and delivering an efficient and effective solution to reduce costs, improve productivity & keeping them happy and satisfied.

Premium Technical Support Solutions for a Smart and Connected World.

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